How to attach TP link router via wireless by means of bridge mode

If you wish to connect your tp link router with the bridge mode, it must contain the below mentioned characteristics in order to be configured with the bridge mode for better performance.

Instructions to attach Tp link Router to wireless
When you are going to use this router you need to be well aware of the instructions that are helpful in its installation and getting it attached to the wireless networks. If the below mentioned instructions are carefully performed, there is no reason that the user faces the difficulty in putting it to use. Moreover, these instructions would let you know what you need to do while installing and using this router.

Modify the IP address
Many of us may know that the default IP address of the tp-link routers is “”.it’s always advisable to change the IP address before getting connected to wireless via bridge mode in order to avoid the issues related to IP addresses. This step is further divided into smaller baby steps so that a user comprehends the idea well.

Step 1:Unlock the web browser and enter the IP address of the router. Generally the default one is entered i.e. into the available address bar and then simply push “Enter” key to proceed.

Step 2 : Now the next step is to enter the username and off course the login password into the login page. A good thing is that by default the settings of username and the password are kept as “admin “.

 Step 3 : Now simply first choose “Network” and then the “LAN” option displayed to the left side. Simply alter the IP address from to

Linking the routers with bridge mode

Step 1 : Choose the option of “wireless” and then proceed to another option saying “Wireless Setting “, displayed to the left side of the page .Now type the SSID that is provided for the username of the wireless connectivity. Now choose an appropriate channel. Allow the choice naming “Enable Bridge”, and enter the MAC address of the wireless tp link router that you like to be connected with. Enter the MAC address in the provided box.

Step 2 : Put aside and boot up the router.

Step 3 : Attach your computer or the laptop to the other wireless router. Follow the step 1 and 2, after booting up both of the routers. The wireless link will be arranged.

Following precautionary measures will ensure secure access over the wireless.’s essential that the strait and security providence over the routers are alike so that they’re connected together and firmly.

2. The user can enter various SSID in the routers in order to make difference between the wireless networks for the wireless user.

3. If any of the routers is used as a main router in order to get connected to the Internet, and give this access to other users, it’s always advisable to detach the DHCP server available on the secondary or the tertiary router.


Steps to login to the TP-Link Wi-Fi router:

  • Type in the address bar of any internet browser to access the admin page for the router.
  • The login window will display.
  • There, the user will have to enter the default information written on the bottom of the router.
    User Name : admin
    Password : admin
  • If the user has previously changed the default username and password, type that in instead. If that fails too, try restoring the router back to its factory default settings.
  • Now, the user will be logged in to their router.
  • From here, the user can further configure their wireless network and personalize it according to their needs.

To troubleshoot the network problems, the user can choose to reset their router if needed.

Steps to reset the TP-Link router:

  • Using a paper clip, press the reset button located at the back of the router.

tplinkwifi net

  • Hold the reset button for about ten seconds.
  • Release the reset button after ten seconds. The TP-Link router will now be restored back to its factory default settings.
  • Once the router has been restored back to the factory default settings, the personalized settings of the user will disappear. The process cannot be reversed once the reset is complete.

For additional security, it is highly recommended that the default username and password must be changed.

  • This way, any unauthorized user will never be able to gain access to the user’s network.
  • Navigate to in any internet browser to access the admin login page.
  • Enter the default username and password in the fields provided.
    User Name : admin
    Password : admin
  • Click the System Tools in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Now, click on Password option.
  • Enter admin in the username and password fields.
  • Now, enter the new username and password in the respective fields provided. Confirm the new password as well.
  • Make sure that the new password strength is very strong so that people cannot guess it. Also, do not share the password with anyone.
  • Click the Save option. You will now be logged out.
  • Reconnect to the wireless network using the new username and password.
setup tplinkwifi net router

Now, the default username and password for the TP-Link wireless network will have been changed successfully.

Take Note:

  • Make sure that the username does not contain any password hints or any other type of sensitive information as the username is visible to nearby devices.
  • Do not share the password with anybody.
  • For enhanced performance, it is highly recommended that the user updates the firmware for their TP-Link router.

Steps to update the firmware for the TP-Link router:

  • The user will then have to enter the default username and password for their router.
  • The username is admin and the password is also admin. They will be provided at the bottom of the router.
  • They will be case sensitive.
  • Select ADVANCED option.
  • Now, select the Firmware Update option.
  • Click the Router Update or Firmware
  • Update option. Click Check button.
  • The router will now look for a firmware update and ask to install if any is available. Click Yes to begin.
  • The router will then begin updating the firmware for the Netgear router.
  • Once the router has finished updating, the router will reboot itself.

Take Note:

Do not unplug the router from its power source as it can damage the firmware of the router.

Basic initial setup

Steps to setup the TP-Link routers:

  • Use an Ethernet cable provided with the router to attach the modem to the WAN port of the TP-Link router.
  • Plug in the router to an active power source and turn it on using the On/Off switch on the back.
  • Using a computer or a laptop, connect to the wireless network name broadcasted by the router. The default username and password are provided at the bottom of the device.
  • Go to a web browser and type in the address bar to access the admin login page for the router.

  • Alternatively, the user can type in the address bar as well to access the same page.
  • Enter the default username and password for the router.
    User Name : admin
    Password : password
  • Click Login to login to the router.
  • The Quick Setup will appear. Click Next to get started.
  • Enter the new desired username in the field provided below the Wireless
  • Network Name field.
    Don’t use any personal information within the username as nearby devices can see the username.
  • In the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK field, enter the new desired password for the wireless network.
  • Make sure to use a very strong password for the wireless network which makes it difficult for others to guess.
  • Click Next. Now, click Finish.
  • You will now be disconnected from the router. Reconnect to the router using the new SSID and password.
  • The TP-Link wireless network will now be setup.

Tp link router reset option

There are so many routers available in the market to fit your needs. The routers from TP Link are the most popular ones for their quality and affordability.  These routers are very easy to configure. The interface is user-friendly.  It can be very helpful to know your tp link router reset options. It can be of great convenience in some situations.  Resetting the router can be the only and ideal solution in some situations.

It is neither recommended by any of the companies nor preferred by anyone to use the default username and passwords of any router. In most of the routers, the default usernames and passwords are the same. So it is very important to change these default logins in order to keep your router safe from the threats of any change made by some intruder. To maximize the security strong passwords are always recommended. Sometimes it can be hard to remember these strong passwords and there is a great chance of forgetting it.

Forgetting the username and password can lead to inconvenience and frustration when it comes to make any changes in the configuration.You cannot have access to its configurations without typing the correct username and password. In this situation resetting the router is all you can do, as it will reset the router to its default settings.  In same way if you have made some changes to your router which caused it to stop working. And if you are not being able to find the problem caused it to stop working, the reset option can be an ideal solution.

To know how to reset the router to its default values is very important in order to save yourself from inconveniences and frustrations mentioned above. It is very easy to reset your router without much of a hassle. But make sure that you have all the values you are going to need for the reconfiguration of router before resetting it. There are two different ways to reset any router to its default values.  If you know the username and password of the router, you can login its web portal or web based utility. Open your web browser and type IP of your router, whether it is default IP or you have changed it afterwards. Give it the username and password when it asks you to do so.

After you are successfully logged in the utility, go to the management menu and select settings. Then you will have to go to default settings menu. In this menu choose the restore option, confirm the command and it will be rebooted and done. Second option is the easiest one, just press the reset button. Turn off you router, press and hold the reset button given on the rare panel, you may need a pin to press it. Turn on the router while holding the reset button. You will have to keep it pressed for 10 to 15 seconds.

We hope that this tp link router reset will be useful to you if ever faced a difficult situation to remember the username and password or any of the configuration problem.

Dealing with tp link router default password

These days you have the liberty to choose the best router as per your needs from a wide range of routers available in the market. TP Link routers are appreciated everywhere by all the users for its smooth and quality performance. TP link routers are inexpensive and can be easily afforded by everyone. When using a router, to enjoy its consistent use it is important to know the details and settings regarding the router. A user should know the settings of the router whether it is IP address, password or the configuration. Here we will discuss the tp link router default password.

As most of the routers share the same username and password, it is recommended by all the companies to change the username and password of the router before connecting it to the network, in order to protect it from being misuse or to keep it safe from any unauthorized person in the network. All the routers are easily configurable; all you have to do is login to the web-based utility. As default username and password are commonly same in all routers, it makes it very easy and convenient to get into the router settings and change it. In order to be protected from such problems, the first thing you can do when connecting a newly purchased router to the network is to change its default password. In order to keep your router safe from any unwanted access from unauthorized persons you should select a strong password.
Using different alphabets with some characters are recommended when it comes to strong passwords. Just having a strong password is not enough; you will also have to remember it as complicated passwords are easy to forget, writing some place safe is a good option. To change the default password just login to the web-based utility of your router using default username and password, that is “admin”. It’s the same for both username and password. After logging in to the utility, it will show you all the menus on the left side of the window. The next step it to go to “Management” menu. There you can see a menu named “Access Control”. After selecting it you will have the option of “password”.
In this option you can select your user name. You will have to give it your current password, the one you used to login, and then type in the new password of your choice. It will ask you to retype the new password in order to make sure that you have typed the correct password as you wanted to. Then save it, reboot the router and it is done. The procedure is same in most of the routers but in some models it can be a little different. The option to change password can be under “Maintenance” menu. After choosing the menu you will have to go to “Administration” option. Rest is the same as mentioned above.

As we have mentioned above that tp link router default password in most of the routers is “admin”. All the letters are small. It is recommended to change the default password, it should be the first thing you do with the router when connecting it to a network.

How to TP link configure

To all of tp link routers the configuration procedure is almost the same so it can be applied to all the routers. First of all make sure that your router is connected to your computer through a wired connection and the connection is established and working proper. It is important to make sure that the computer is set to configure IP address automatically, as if you have already given it IP address manually, it may conflict with the router IPs. After making it sure that the router is connected to computer and the connection is up and working fine, open your web browser and type in the default IP address of the router, which is most commonly and click the go button on browser or hit enter from your keyboard.

It will open a window or a new window may pop-up asking you the username and password to login the router configurations. If it does not open anything or does not ask login details, that check your connection and IP settings. It is discussed earlier, that the IP settings should be set to auto configuration. The default username and password of tp link routers is “admin”. It is used as both username and password. If it is an old router and does not accept this username and password then resetting the router can be helpful as it will take it to the default settings and login details.

After login successfully, on the left side you will see the menus. Choose the “Quick Setup” menu. In next page, you will have to give it VPI and VCI which are provided by the Internet Service Provider you are using. If you do not have any idea regarding these or do not know the exact value, you can always contact your ISP to get these values.

After inputting these values move to next setting which is PPPoA, you will have to choose PPP over ATM and click on next button. Here you will have to provider PPPoE login details, which off-course consists of username and password. These are also provided to you by the ISP you are using. For the IP configuration it is better to use DHCP, which will automatically assign new IPs to your computer whenever it connects to the router. After the completion of this process, save the settings and reboot your router and it is configured.

Tplink Archer AC5400 login

Tp-link manufactures some of the best wireless as well as wired networking solution devices like routers, modems, and range repeaters, etc. All these devices are known to deliver the lightning-fast speeds of several Mbps. Not only high speed, but it has several other high-end options available in them like dual-band frequency, multiple MIMO ports, Dual USB ports, and added networking security, etc.

Tplink Archer AC5400 Tri band router .

Tplink router login refers to the users accessing the graphical web ‘interface of their TP-link router. It is only after this Tplink router login that a user can get into the web interface of the router through which several crucial changes to the router like configuration, password change, and user limitations, etc. What you need to do is just hit in the web address in the address bar of your web browser and authenticates the login window with a username and password which is “admin” by default for both the username and password section.

What to do if tplink router login fails via

Usually, this tplink router login via doesn’t fail so often, but still, if you face this kind of issue, what you need to do is just try the alternate methods for tplink router login. These methods have been listed below.

  • Login to the tplink router via Tplink Tether application
  • Tplink router login via the default IP addresses which is or tplink router login

If you are constantly facing the router login failure through, then simply just use one of these IP addresses or to log in to your tplink device. These default IP addresses are always predefined in the memory of the networking devices and are redirected to the web interface of the router due to which the web setup page of the router appears.

How to reset tplink router back to its factory settings?

We strongly recommend not resetting your Tplink router much frequently or without proper knowledge of the reset. The Tp-link wireless networking devices include routers, modems, range repeaters and access point switches, etc. All these devices are very well known to be of great efficiency in their working and setup. But sometimes some unavoidable circumstances arise due to which a user might need to get his/her router or modem reset to its factory state erasing the entire configuration-related and other data.

Let us give you a detailed preview of how this Tplink factory reset can be done and what needs to be kept in mind while doing so. The factory reset of the router can be mainly done through either of the two methods listed below.


  • Reset through the reset button
  • Reset through the web user interface of the router accessed through

Factory reset through the reset button- This is the most convenient method of getting your router or modem reset back to its original box pack condition. Users with less or even zero experience can also reset their router easily through this method. Here is how you can hard reset your router within a few seconds.

  1. The primary thing to make sure is that your Tplink router should be switched on and stable.
  2. Now, there will be a pinhole located at the back panel of the router or underneath the router (whatever the case may be).
  3. Just insert a pinpointed object like a needle or a paper pin into the pinhole of the router where the factory reset button is located. You just have to push and hold this reset button for at least 5 seconds or till the power on the router goes off and on.


Important- Keep in mind that once you have hard reset your TP-link router, the second task you will be required to perform is the tplink router set up all over again. So, that is why we don’t recommend the frequent hard reset of your TP-link devices.

TP-link Archer AC5400 firmware

The router’s firmware is a medium through which the users tend to give commands to the router system which in turn results in certain actions like router configuration, password change, firmware update, etc. Therefore, the Tplink firmware is an important software component through which a user can customize his/her router and modem.

How to update the Tplink Archer AC5400 router’s firmware version?

Updating the firmware version of the Tplink Archer AC5400 router is not a tough task. There are two methods of getting your TPlink Archer router updated i.e. either through the automatic update or through the manual update. Both the methods of updating the firmware version are quite convenient. Let us show you how the Tplink firmware update is done.

Some key points to be considered before proceeding on for the Tplink firmware update process.

  1. Make sure to quote in the correct hardware version of your TPlink router which in this case is Tplink Archer AC5400.
  2. Always use the wired Ethernet cable connection for performing the Tplink firmware update process.
  3. Carefully select your region before downloading the firmware version for your region’s router device.
  4. You might need decompression software like Win-zip or Winrar to get the firmware update file opened, so make sure you have one installed on your computer system.


Let us begin with the detailed Tplink Archer AC5400 firmware update

  • Primarily, you have to download the firmware update file for your Tplink router device.
  • Go to the downloads section in the support center of the official web portal of the TP-link and select your region. Also, quote in your router’s exact hardware version of your Tplink router to get the correct firmware version downloaded.
  • Now, the Tplink router’s interface will show a list of available firmware and you need to download the correct one. The ending 6 numeric digits will reflect the firmware date by which you can easily guess the updated firmware file.
  • Once the firmware update file is downloaded and saved in the local storage of PC.
  • Open the web browser and again and hit in the web address again in the address bar and proceed.
  • Log in to the router’s interface again with some login credentials i.e. the username and password for which the default values are “admin” and “password” or “admin” for both cases.
  • Click the “system tools>Firmware upgrade” and then click the “browse” button in which you will be required to locate and open the firmware update file to start the firmware update file upload process.
  • You can check the firmware update process by clicking the “check status” button and the corresponding progress bar will show the current status of the update.

Note- In some cases, we have seen that after the user successfully updates the firmware of their Tplink router, the router gets reset back to its original factory settings; in those scenarios what you need to do is just run the TPlink quick setup wizard to configure your router again.

Or else, some advanced TPlink routers like TPlink Archer AC5400 have this great option of taking a backup of the previous router configuration which can be used for the reconfiguration of the router.

Tplink password change

Tplink password change is an important process of setting up your Tplink router or modem device. It is always advised to change the Tplink router password after you have successfully configured it. Changing the default login password of the router helps in making more secure of getting hacked by some unauthorized person.

Let us show how tplink password change can be done. Follow the step by step guide mentioned below.

  1. You have to be connected to an active Tplink wireless network.
  2. Now launch the web browser on your PC and enter the web address tplinkwifi.netin the address field.
  3. Log into your Tplink router’s interface with a username and password which is “admin” by default
  4. Select the “wireless>security” tab and you will see the list of available wireless security key types.
  5. Select the WPA2/PSK security type and input your new tplink wifi password. Make sure to use a special character, lower case, upper case and numeric in the password combination.
  6. Click “save and apply settings to make the changes effective on the router. The next time you try to access the router, you will be required to log in with the new login password that you have recently set.

What can be done if a user has forgotten the Tplink router login password?

There is no need to panic if you have forgotten your router login password. There is a one-stop solution that is much easier and time saving for you to log into your router again. What you need to do is just hard reset your Tplink router to its original factory state. Reset as we discussed earlier in this article can be done either through the reset button located on the back panel of the router through the user web interface of the router being accessed through

Brought a new Wi-Fi 6 Mesh router; TP-Link's Deco Mesh Routers

TP-Link has just introduced a new Mesh Wi-Fi system with 802.11ax- also known as wifi-6. TP-Link Deco X90 is a Tri-Band router, TP-Link Deco AX20 AX1800 Dual-Band, and TP-Link Deco AX60 AX3000 is also a Dual-Band router. The new Deco system will give you the fastest speed and then ever you had. It can push up the speed of your router up to 574 megabits per second on 2.4 GHz, 1201 Mbps on 5 GHz bands and 4804 Mbps on 5 GHz band. It is the system that uses a dedicated backhaul connection between your router and the satellite.  You might like to scatter this router around your home to spread a swift Wi-Fi signals from every corner to corner.

Features of new Deco Wi-Fi mesh routers by TP-Link

The 2.5 Gbps WAN port, allows you to browse multi-gig incoming internet speeds. These new TP-link Deco mesh routers offer a leverage inventive Wi-Fi 6 autonomous to explore you the ultimate Wi-Fi mesh experiences. It can improve network capacity and efficiency, dramatically. It can make the perfect solution for the habitual of smart and speedy home Wi-Fi system. The above mentioned all three deco Wi-Fi systems can be paired with root Wi-Fi 6 features. These new models of TP-Link have OFDMA, 1024 QAM with outgoing and incoming MU-MIMO connections. They also support the latest WPA 3 encryption standards. These Wi-Fi mesh systems can also assist voice controls via Amazon's Alexa. Each of these routers has equipped with eight antennas and three different Wi-Fi bands. These three are the best router for gaming-friendly users with latency log and device personalisation.

TP-Link wifi login or tp link extender setup can be done by using few of the necessary items these are Deco AX units, power cable or power cord, Ethernet Cable, and the modem. Then take help of following mentioned steps one by one...

Tplink router setup on windows by using the latest Deco AX 20 & AX 90 models

  • Disconnect the power cord from the rear of your modem and remove the batteries.
  • The lights of the modem should be shut off completely.
  • Connect one of the ends of the Ethernet cord into the Deco Mesh unit and another end into the modem.
  • The power cable of modem should be reconnected by you into the power socket board.
  • The lights of the modem must be turned on and should be stable.
  • Plug the power cord of your Deco unit into the power supplying outlet.
  • Other ends should be hooked into the Deco unit.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone to complete the process and choose a location of your Deco unit's name in the app.
  • Give a strong network name and password.
  • Then you need to select "join this Network" and move on to the next step by clicking on Next.
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile, to join the new network.
  • Return to the home screen and open the Deco application.
  • Click Next to connect the Deco unit with your mobile. Then to do the tplink wifi login, click on Add another Units to add the second Deco unit with your mobile.
  • To connect the other Deco unit, you need an additional Deco and its power cord.
  • Now you have to select a suitable spot that looks like your home and you will get instructions regarding placing the Decos.
  • For best results, place your Deco units in an open and obstacle-free area. Keep it away from the electronics appliances.
  • Plugin the extra Deco unit. Prefer to place it just next to the previous one, later on, you can relocate it again.
  • Stare at the lights on your Decos. It should be "pulsing" blue.
  • You can add another Deco or can finish the setup now.

Thus you have completed the setup of your new Mesh Wi-Fi System. Congratulations!

Let's move on to setup Deco AX3000 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System with some easy ways

It is a whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system. While you would unbox this CES X60 router, you will find three Deco units along with three separate cords/power adapter connect each one. To setup this unique and extremely renowned model, you need to download and install the Deco app. After downloading the app, the users are required to register themselves for a TP-Link ID, if you have already had an account, then login instantly. After that, you will be prompted to select your Deco model and then go through the instructions to turn on your Deco and connect it to the internet path. Power on you CES Deco X60 by using the cord, given along with it. Insert the provided Ethernet cable into the LAN port of the modem or the router. Plug the other tip of your Ethernet into any of the two ports on your Deco. Wait till the LED lights of the modem pulses to strong blue.

  • Go to the settings and connect your mobile with your Deco, using the Bluetooth. Set the default SSID which is given on the label of your router. After completing this process, your Deco app will search for your Deco devices and will connect automatically. The LED will turn Solid blue as it gets connected to your phone.
  • Choose the location, wherever you want to place the Deco, you can even seek suggested locations by the Deco application. Now you can create your SSID and password if you have then skipped to login step.
  • Back to the settings in your phone and connect your phone tablet to new Deco's Wi-Fi. Come to Deco app again and wait for the other device to be connected with it as your Deco will be connected to the internet, the LED light will turn into solid green.
  • Now by tapping on to the "+" on the top right of your mobile screen, you can add the third Deco device with the app. Select the desired layout of your home after selecting the third Deco. Power on the new Deco unit by plugging it with power outlet via its cable cord and follow the onscreen popping instructions when the LED pulses blue.
  • The Deco app will locate the new Deco unit on its own and when it founds the third Deco unit, it will turn into blue. If you want to add another Deco repeat the entire procedure similarly without missing even a single step.