How to reset your TP-Link extender via Console Reset?

How to reset your TP-Link extender via Console Reset?

A factory reset can sort out many of the problems, related to settings, performance, connection and Security. But it is better if you check the main router first then reset the TP-Link Extender. The internet of the main router should be working properly. On the off chance, if your extender is running slow or not able to associate with Tplink extender, via default login IP, then we must perform a Hard Reset, rest, the soft console is a better option before going for hard one.

Resetting the tp-link extender by Hard Reset

Restart your range extender and look carefully to the back of your extender, there will be a reset button. Take a thin pin or paper clip to press the reset button inside the tine whole.

Press it gently for not more than 15 to 20 seconds, as you see the blinking lights on the extender, remove the pin and release the reset button.

Wait for a while, until it gets to reset completely. Now you have done with the reset process completely and your extender has been reset to factory default settings.

Now your tplink extender setup can be done again by using the default credentials, given at the back of your extender. Look at the label carefully. Using the existing network setup your range extender again.

How to do the Dashboard reset (Soft console) to TP-link Extender

This is the safest and reliable way to reset the TP-Link range extender and in this method, you will not lose your previous settings, even you will not have hardware failure issues in this process. Pursue the below-listed instructions, one by one to perform the Dashboard reset or Soft console.

  • Reboot the Range Extender and the device that is going to take part in this process of reset.
  • Open the internet browser and enter the IP address or at the Addy of your browser, hit the enter key.
  • It would ask for default credentials if not then you can enter your personalised user ID and password.
  • As you will receive the login page, enter into the “System Tool” and then enter “Backup & Restore”.
  • Tap the option “Factory Reset” & gear the process to continue.
  • To Reboot the extender, follow the on-screen instructions. After that, you can reset and configure it again.

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