How to extend or Boost wifi signal

How to extend or Boost wifi signal

 How to boost and expand your home Wireless Network security

  • Here we are providing you a bit by bit information for everyone to follow.

Let's learn about the home wireless system...

 In previous time when there was no such wireless system, people use to have just a simple PC with a traditional wired network, used for only emailing or browsing the web. Simply, in basic terms, home wireless means the network which stands for connecting an internet access point to a router without any cable/wire. You can attach multiple devices with a single network system called Wi-Fi or broadband system connection without using so many wires and cables and can frequently use it anywhere with regards to the provided area by your Wi-Fi system. These wireless systems are now pocket-friendly and affordable for everyone. It hardly matters whether you are living in a small nuclear family or a large joint family, even if it is a small company or a big group of companies, anywhere /anytime you can use these wireless systems without any hindrance. Below we are showing you some of the pictures of home wireless routers:-

  • Introduction

In today's time, after installing a wireless router to the great extend people forget about it. When our devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network, we start browsing it without keeping in mind that it needs to be checked and secured time to time otherwise it will be hacked by so many hackers who are always trying to find a loophole to enter into your home Wi-Fi and will hack all the data and after that, they won't be left you with any chance to regret.

We should not forget that we are living in an era of data breaches and Ransom ware attacks along with so many online threats. You need to add some additional security system to your home Wi-Fi system apart from password and IP address settings.

For the above-mentioned reasons, it is better to have a secured home Wi-Fi system. The following are some necessary security measures that must be invigilated by everyone who longed to have a strong security bond with their wireless routers. These measures can be taken by using any reliable sites, like or you can enter to your address bar.

Measure1. On regular intervals change your default home Wi-Fi network name

Give some interesting names to your Wi-Fi. It could be a sentence or Idioms, or the name of a place, institutes, company all with some special characters can be proved to be a strong protection level to your Wi-Fi. Keep on changing your Wi-Fi name on a regular base that will make it harder for any malicious attackers or the cybercriminals to crack it.

Measure2.  Keep a Solid and Substantial password

Most of us know that the entire wireless router comes with a default username and password which is necessary to install and connect the router. This pre-set name and password can be easily judged by hackers only by getting information about its manufacturer. As soon as you install your router without waiting any more just go to and change your username and password first. It should be more than 15-20 characters including letters, words, sentences, numbers, and symbols.

Measure 3. Activate your network encryption

In all wireless networks, there are many encryptions with many languages, like WEP, WPA OR WPA2. These terminologies stand for security protocol and protected access as standard in the industry. It replaces the old and insecure Wired Equivalent Privacy along with the up-gradation of original Wi-Fi protected access. For TP-Link, users visit TP-Link Wi-Fi net Setup.

Measure 4. When you are away from home Turn off the Network.

When we turn off our wireless home network being outside the home is a better option as it helps to prevent hackers. The hackers won't get even a single chance to do a malicious activity with your home routers.

This option is also useful to protect your wireless system from electric power surges.

Measure 5. Timely upgrade your router's software

This is the strongest measure for your home Wi-Fi to give it a hard security shell. If your router is available with the auto-upgrade option then it is good for you, if not then you must upgrade it from time to time, before it gets into the clutch of cybercriminals. Many wireless routers' firmware contains flaws that are a great vulnerability. You can upgrade your firmware manually.

Measure 6. Change your default IP address.

Here is a sequence of steps which is needed to be followed to change your IP address;

  • First, log in to router's console
  • Second, Don't forget to write the username and password.
  • Third, choose Network LAN from the left side menu;
  • Fourth change your IP address and punch the save tab.
  • Fifth type the new IP address into the web browser bar

Measure 7. Turn off the functionality of DHCP on the router.

Amongst the some of the best measures this is too an important measure to turn off your Dynamic Host Configuration server. These servers have been assigned to your IP address in your device on a particular network system. Do not enter a static address. You can enter network settings.

Measure 8. Always put your remote on disable mode

Sometimes we can access our wireless Wi-Fi devices without any connected interface, like your remote. By turning it on the disabled mode you can protect your Wi-Fi system from any kind of malicious activity.

  • Conclusion

IN concluding my words I would like to say that every one of us must protect our home Wi-Fi safe and secure from all outside hazards. Nowadays as we all know that cybercrime is on top-notch. None of us can escape from it. All of us must have heard about a famous Idiom "Precautions Is Better than Cure" and I think it’s the best way to be safe. There are more than 20 million hackers in today's time, so it becomes too difficult for all of us to escape from their eye but having some secure and strong measures you can still protect your home Wi-Fi system.

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