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Advanced preparations to set up your TP Link modem and the router, switch off the modem first, and take off the batteries from its back to inactivate the modem completely. Then turn off the router by pulling out its power line adapter from the power supplying resource. At last turn of your computer or whichever the device you will be using.

Now you have to establish the connection between all of these devices, using the Ethernet cable that you have brought with your product. The Modem will be connected to the WAN port of the TP-Link router, and the computer will be connected to the LAN port of your TP-Link WIFI router. Both will be connected by using two different Ethernet cables, else your connection will not be considered a strong connection.

Now the next move is to turn on all of the above-mentioned devices, one by one. First of all, power on the TP-Link router along with the computer or the laptop you are using to configure the router, and then power on the modem at last. Then you have to log into the web-based management page of the router.

To login you have to take the help of a web browser. At the address line of this browser, type the default IP address, such as or type both will work for the same purpose of login to the web-based management page of your router. As a login window will be popped up on your screen, type the user ID along with the password of your TP-Link wireless router, and thus you will be on the web-based interface of your router.

Now, you have to configure the WAN Connection type of your WIFI router, and for that, you have to step on to the “Management page”, from here click to “Network>then WAN, from the left of this web page, and then quickly change the WAN Connection Type to PPPoE. Now at the field of WAN connection type, enter the PPPoE username along with the password, that must have provided to you by the ISP of your connection.

Click SAVE and your router is now online, or we could say it has connected to the internet. But still, you have to wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes to check the WAN part on the Status page. If you could see any IP address over here, that means you have done the entire setup very nicely, and have connected your router to the modem, successfully.

Change the WIFI Password for the self-developed interface router TP Link;

  • 1. The First steps the very basic step to change the password of all types of TP Link WIFI routers. So, this step will be the same in which you have to open the browser, and then you have to navigate the Addy of the browser to the IP address of your TP-Link WIFI router ADSL router that always remains same as or you may type the web wizard
  • 2. The second step is also similar to the previous one, and you have to introduce the user ID along with the password of your router, by default. As we have been authorized to use ADMIN as the username and the password for all the TP-Link WIFI routers, so we need to use these details in lower case, in the login window.
  • 3. Now follow the options one by one, SYSTEM TOOLS, MANAGEMENT CONTROL, then type the old password first, and then you will type the new password of your choice. A new password should have to be typed twice, to confirm it. And at last SAVE the settings, then close the window to login again with the new password.


Change the administrative password of your TP-Link repeater with

  • Step one is to unlock the web browser that has been installed into your mobile or computer by default. If you find it is not worth, then you can download a fresh new browser for the better results. Get the LAN IP address from the extender back panel. There will be a label and your LAN IP address will be available there. Type the LAN IP address at the address locus of the browser and there you will get your basic home page of the extender along with the intuitive dashboard. 
  • Step two is to the Settings from the left panel of the dashboard, then tap on to  then tap on to Network, Here we will be creating a new SSID means a new password for your router.
  • Step three is to create a new password or we can say in this step you can modify your SSID. Choose the bandwidth for which you want to set up the SSID separately. As we know that the range extender and your existing Wi-Fi router can share the same SSID and the username, but if you want to change, then you can change it one by one on each band.
  • Step Four is to go to 2.4 GHz bandwidth and click to copy the HOST SSID. The value should be filled very carefully, as it is case-sensitive. Then go to the frequency of 5 GHz and enable the extended 5 GHz networks. At the below there is HOST SSID for 5 GHz, copy it carefully. Save the settings by tapping on to the save option.
  • Step Five is to hide the SSID of your extended network. To hide the SSID for the security purpose of your wi-fi router,  Now select the option to hide the broadcast SSID of your untick the box just beside the option Hide SSID broadcast. Hit the save key, to save the changes performed by you by the help of above-listed steps and procedures.

Hard reset methods for TP-Link TL-WA850RE wireless range extender router

If you are facing dropping connection issues and your router is not responsive as it was earlier, then the first thing that you need to do is to reset the range extender router. The reset process is also very useful to re, move other issues occurring into your router. In case you forget the Wi-Fi
password and the username, even then you can use this method. In the case of misconfiguration or faulty configuration, you can go to reset the methods. Follow the steps in the below-described steps.

Reset via web Interface

 After opening the web browser, navigate it to the web interface

 At the login page enter the username and the password of your RE router that you have got by default with the range extender router.

 Now you have got your basic home page for the TP-Link Tl-WA850RE. Here tap on to "System Tools" under this option find the "Factory defaults" settings.

 Press the restore button after clicking on to the Factory Restore button.

 It will take 8 to 10 minutes to reset completely. After that wait till your router restarts again.

Change the TP-link WIFI password for the routers

  • 1. In the beginning, you have to click and unlock your preferred web browser. And as you did in the above steps, you have to type in the LAN IP address of the ‘TrendChip solution’s router, in the address bar. The IP address will be the same as you wrote earlier ( and the smart setup wizard will also be the same as
  • 2. After that the login page will be available to you, and again it will ask for the default login details, that’s the user ID and the password of your TP-Link WIFI router. ADMIN is the term or the paraphrase, that will be used in both the cases and are case-sensitive.
  • 3. At last find these options from the menu of the dashboard page, First, Maintenance, Second, go to Administration, third at the field of Password, type the new password, and click SAVE to apply the changes or the modifications.

Log into TP-Link extender ( )

The TP-Link Wi-Fi extender is necessary to have your account and keep a track on your router and the broadcast connection. The default web browser will help you to log in to your TP-Link extender. You can get the information about your firmware updates, your tp-link account and your extender setup and configuration. Whenever you have the issue of synchronisation and logging in, you can visit your account and can check the faults and other activities. It would also help you to track your account. Here we are rolling out some of the steps to Log into your TP-Link extender.

The step that is needed to log in to your TP-Link extender by the help of

  • 1. Enter on of the tip of your Ethernet cable into the yellow port of your tp-link extender, and the other tip will go into the computer LAN port.
  • 2. On your computer, the static IP address should be assigned manually.
  • 3. To assign the static IP address to your computer left click on the option Start>Control Panel>Network and Internet.
  • 4. Then go to Network and sharing centre then go Change Adapter Settings.
  • 5. Then the users are required to tap on Local area connection then go to the properties, and then double click on Internet Protocol Version of TCP/IPv4.
  • 6. Here you can assign the static IP address to your computer, like 192.168.1x or it can be
  • 7. Note the time is to click your default browser and put the IP address inside the search
    location of your browser. Never forget to click the SAVE option. Then the home page will ask to feed the username and the password. Click ok after putting in the ADMIN as the username and the password in the required field.
  • 8. As soon as you would enter these details, you can get the login page of your

Access the web management page of Tplink repeater using

  •  Make sure that your computer or the laptop is connected properly to the extend network.
  •  Configure the PC or the laptop to get the IP address and DNS server address by enabling the auto mode.
  •  Use the IP address of your TP-Link router. If you still facing the issue of no connection, then you need to go for default factory setting.

Best wifi range extender setup

If you are not contented or satisfied with the performance of your present router, then you should shift to setup. It is an excellent device that can boost the Wi-Fi signals of your house. With the help of this TP-Link repeater, you can spread the Wi-Fi signals to the level where earlier you were unable to receive the signals. The extender can replicate the signals to a vast area. With some of the powerful range extenders, like AC2600 RE650, and RE750, and RE850 you can take the range of your Wi-Fi routers up to 14,000 sq. ft. It can be installed very easily with your existing Wi-Fi routers.

Setup your TP-Link repeater by the assistance of
following steps

  • 1. Take your tp-link repeater and switch it on by plugging in the adapter to the power outlet of your home.
  • 2 Connect the extender through the Ethernet chord with your computer.
  • 3. enter at the search line of your browser and enter.
  • 4. You have to click the Quick Setup key and then go to the next process.
  • 5. Now the time is to select your time zone and region appropriately.
  • 6. Whichever the wireless network you will be using, the Tplink wireless extender will scan for
  • 7. Before tapping on to the next option, you have to choose your wireless network from the
  • 8. When you get the prompt to enter the wireless username and the password, enter them
  • 9. If you wish to create a different network, then select for customized option, and if you want to have a single large network, then you have to copy the option from the chief router.
  • 10. After tapping the next option, review the network settings by entering in to the final


How can I add the Additional Nodes of my Deco WIFI Mesh system?

When you add additional nodes, then your WIFI network gets completed. It enables you to expand your WIFI network around each corner of your house. After completing the setup process of your main Deco router, you need to add more nodes to it. These additional nodes are able to spread your service based on the output of your main Deco router. First go for adding one Deco node, then add the rest of the nodes, one by one. To add these additional nodes, you need to have a strong range of your network, so perform this activity, using your mobile or the WIFI-enabled computer, in the locus where you have just set your first Deco router. 

Let's move on to the process of adding additional Deco units to your network...

  • 1. Open the Deco app again and locate the option from the dashboard of the router add the Devices. It is at the top bar of the dashboard screen, just at the right side, make a tap on it. Now tap on to the "DECOS2 option to add the next Deco node. 
  • 2. Take a Deco nod from the rest, along with a power adapter, and an Ethernet Cable. Plugin the deco to a Surge Protector. Then wait for the flashing LED lights on your Secondary Deco unit. This LED light should be pulsing blue. After getting the pulsing Blue LED, click at the option "DECO's LED is Pulsing Blue".
  • 3. As the first Deco (Primary Deco) used the Bluetooth feature of your smartphone to get connected to the other wireless devices, similarly this Secondary Deco will use the WIFI function of your mobile to search your WIFI network, to get hooked to the main receiver. The moment it will be connected to the main Deco node, it will copy the configuration and will finish its setup. Now for the better management of your Deco units and home WIFI, select a valid location for the place where you have installed your Deco.
  • 4. After getting over with this setup process, the Secondary node will automatically set up a new device in your home WIFI network and will get connected automatically. 
  • 5. At last, if you get a notification, stating that your Deco has been successfully added to your WIFI network, that means it has been connected to your WIFI network without any hurdle. By repeating the same process, you can add more Deco units to your home WIFI network.

What is the WIFI reset process for the TP-link TD-W9970 VDSL2 router ?

The TD-W9970 VDSL2 router, possess 300 Mbps WIFI, and four 100 Mbps Ethernet ports with a USB port. It consists of 600 MHz CPU and 64 MiB RAM, with 8MiB flash memory. This router can be set to default reset process, via pressing the reset button that always comes on the router. What you need to do first, is to power on the router, and then press the reset button available on the router, using a sharp and thin pointed object, such as your pencil, paper pin, hairpin, needle, etc. Press and keep on holding the button for at least ten to twenty seconds, and then release, instantly. When the LED over your TD-W9970 VDSL2 router starts giving a flashlight, that means it has got its factory default settings, back in it. Before doing this factory reset process, keep a backup of your entire data, else you can lose your all data and files.

How can I achieve the Factory default setting in my TD-W9970 VDSL2 router using the web interface?

The first step is to power on the router, and then press the power on button, to power on the router. Check the LED status, it should be producing flashing white light. Then a browser should be unlocked from your mobile or PC, and at the Addy of your browser, put two default login credentials to get the web interface of your TD-W9970 VDSL2 router. At this page find the menu key, and click on it. In the many, you will see a lot of options, but you have to look for SYSTEM TOOLS, and then after making a click on system tools, go to the FACTORY DEFAULTS option, and then at this option, you have to click the RESTORE button to perform reset process on your router.

What if I forget my password and the username?

By chance, if you forget your password and user ID, then the one and only option is to go for the factory reset process. A factory reset process will bring your router to the default settings so that you can use the default login paraphrases to install and configure your router again. After installing your router, you can change the settings and can replace your password with the username for your TD-W9970 VDSL2 router.

How can we setup TP-Link range extender with the Wi-Fi router ?

  •  Associate or place the TP-Link repeater with the router by putting it near your existing router or the access point. The LED will start blinking, but you have to wait till the time it starts blinking.
  •  on your router, you will have to press the reset button or the WPS button for a few seconds. By pressing the power button on your range extender, power on the range extender.
  •  An Ethernet cable should be used to connect the range extender with your computer. This will be a wired connection and after the set up you can remove the range extender.
  •  During this setup process, you have to disconnect the computer with all of the other
    wireless connections.
  •  You have to click the wireless Wi-Fi network option from the list, on your system. Now you have to select the TP-Link networks from the list that is available to you on your network.
  •  Now the most important step is to open a web browser and visit the address bar. After visiting into the address bar, you have to type the default URL that is and immediately press the Enter tab.
     At the security page, you need to enter the credentials that are the default credentials of your range extender. Thus, you can log in to the web interface of your TP-Link range extender.
  •  After tapping the OK key, the web page of your RE will be opening on your computer screen, then you have to select the three basic operations, like Region, time zone, and then click NEXT.
  •  At the wireless setting page before going to the NEXT page, click the type of Wireless Network. At the prompt to enter the username and the password, enter all of these credentials.
  •  Tap to Finish after tapping the NEXT tab. Your wireless range extender will be connected to your router in two or three minutes.
  •  Plug the range extender with the power executing board. Turn on the extender and
    with the help of smart signal indicator, check and verify the speed of your Wi-Fi network.

What is the method to upgrade the Tplink Wireless Access Point of the range extender?

First of all, verify the version of your hardware or the range extender as per the version of latest firmware. To download the latest firmware, you need to go to the official site of the TP-Link and using the unzip tools, you can get the firmware file for your Range Extender. Through the cable connection, you can upgrade the firmware of your Tplink Wireless Access Point of the range extender.

How can we alter the Wi-Fi coverage for our TP-Link repeater?

By logging into your TP-Link repeater or the web GUI, using the smart setup wizard, then step on to the Advanced Settings and later go to the Wi-Fi coverage. Now, it depends on you to select the Max, Min, or Mid for the Wi-Fi coverage.

What should I do if I forget the login password?

In case you forget the password and the username, the only solution is to reset the router and the range extender. When you will press the reset button on the range extender you will reach to the factory default settings and now you can use the default credentials to log in the extender.

How Do I access my TP-LINK modem?

To access your Tplink WIFI modem, you have to follow these basic and necessary steps in the same manner, that we are describing below.

Step One

Type the IP address for your Tplink modem, just like, do not make any change in this IP address. The IP address should only be typed in the address bar of your browser, so first open the web-browser, and then navigate it to the Addy. You may also add the web interface Hereafter, you are supposed to enter the ENTER key.

Step Two

Username and the password are the two most important requirement, that is needed at the time of accessing your Tplink modem. After the IP address, you will get a window with the two boxes. In these boxes, you have to fill the Username and the password of your router. In Tplink modem and router, the username and password, both uses the same paraphrase “ADMIN”.

Step Three        

After introducing the username and the password, the page will ask you to click the OK tab. By clicking to the OK tab, you will be logged in to the web page of your TP link modem. Thereafter, click on the “Access Management”, ACL at the top of the page, and then you can easily determine the client to the ADSL router. Now, you also have to set the IP of the client as a secured IP address. Below we have given the specifications of the application that will help you to specify the secured IP address to the client.

ACL-> To make the secured IP address of the modem to access your router, you have to activate It. This IP address is given under “Access Control List”. If you would deactivate this feature, then the client will not be able to access the router.

Rule Index for ACL-> For the purpose of entry of this IP address, you need to select the “ACL Rule Index”.

Active mode-> In this step, you have to enable the ACL rule.

Providing secure IP-> To access the router remotely, input the permitted IP address only. is the default IP address that is allowed to any of the clients, to access the ADSL router remotely.

Application selection-> To access the router, you will have to select the ACL rule, First. After that you will be able to access the router through this ACL rule. For instance, if we want to access our router through the internet remotely, then first, we have to replace it to “WEB”.

Interface Selection-> For accessing the LAN, WAN, or both together, you have to select the accurate web interface, such as

Access Control of Lists-> Here you will get the information about the rules for ACL.

Step Four          

After editing all the above-listed ACL rules, save the settings by clicking at the SAVE option.