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 Why my tplinkwifi.net not working?


This is the issue that is reported by most of the users of wifi routers. You configure and install the router accurately, but still your router is unable to connect with the wifi network. In most of the cases, it has been observed that the root cause of all such problems, underlies in the basic settings of your router, modem, and the computer. That is why your tplinlwifi.net is not working or sending you error messages again and again. Here we are going to look upon some of the solutions, that you have to take a glance over it, and then start the setup and configuration form the basic.


Solution 1:


The computer should be configured to allow the automatic assignment of the IP address to the various devices that it has connected with. Re-configure your system to allow it to assign the IP address and DNS, automatically. For this you have to open the web browser, and type the following IP address manually, then press enter.



Solution 2:


All the TP-Link routers possess a security feature that is in-built with the product. This inbuilt security feature can prohibit the setup page to access by the router and the modem. The simple output is that you have to restart the system devices, and then try again with your login process. You can re-start the device by pressing the WPS button on your modem and the Tplink wifi router.


Solution 3: If your modem and the router are not configured or customized in a way that to use the tplinkwifi.net as the setup address, then it won’t be working anymore for you. In such a case it can only accept the default IP address of your TP-Link wifi router. There is no need to worry about that because both the terms serve the same purpose of configuration.


Solution 4: Firmware bugs or an outdated firmware version can prohibit your TP-Link router and the modem to access the internet. In this condition, then the only solution is to clear the bugs or to update the firmware of your router to the latest version. Delete the older version of the firmware, and download the latest firmware from http://tplinkwifi.com and install it via your computer or the laptop.


Solution 5: At the back panel of your TP-Link WIFI router, there will be a wireless WIFI button. You need to press the WIFI button, manually, and then restart the modem or the router. As the router and the modem will be started again, you need to type the IP address into the web browser, and then click ENTER to continue the process. Now, if you can access your router and the modem setup page, then come down and press the wireless WIFI button once again. Remove the LAN cable from the configuring device.


How do I access my TP-link router admin page?


Actually, the web-based utility page or the Admin page of your TP-Link router is the web-server or the wen-interface that is built into your router internally. It does not require to have any internet access, but it requires the devices to get associated with the TP-Link router. For the association, you can set up either a wired connection or a wireless connection to log into the ADMIN panel of your router. For this login you need any of the following end-device.


  1. Computer,
  2. Laptop,
  3. Macintosh,
  4. Mobile phone or tablet, or
  5. iPad, etc.


  • If you are using an Ethernet cable as the type of wired connection, then you have to connect your computer or the tablet to any of the LAN port of your router. If you are using a wireless connection to get the utility or the ADMIN page of your router, then find the username and the password from the back of your router’s panel. The default username is ADMIN and the default password is also ADMIN and both should be used in lower cases.


  • The next action is required to open a web-browser from your device, and then type the web-based URL tplinkwifi.netat the address bar of your browser, that you have just opened. In the android devices, you can use the browser, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. in the iOS devices, you can use the web browser compatible with the iPad devices, such as Safari.


  • After getting the browser, and typing in the web URL, it will navigate you to the basic home page of the router, thereafter, you need to enter the basic login details of your router (Username and the password). But if you have changed it, then you must have to use here the customized user ID and user password. As soon as you would enter these details, you will be at the ADMIN page of your router. Now from here, monitor your router, in your way and enjoy the WIFI.